Your Wish Is My Command

Evan sighed. “What topping?”

“Pepperoni, please.” Sarah grinned.

“Coming right up.” He stood and turned towards the bedside table, upon which stood a large jug of water and a glass. He filled the empty glass and placed it back down on the table. “Just in case you get thirsty. Right, give me half an hour or so.”

Once outside the room Evan started back the way he’d come, then stopped and turned on his heel. He didn’t want to use the front entrance of the hospital, as he’d have to pass through the waiting room. Even if the chaos was cleared up in there, it was unlikely the authorities would have left by now and he didn’t fancy the thought of being questioned. He kept a quick pace through the hospital corridors, doing his best to remain inconspicuous so as to avoid an interrogation from the staff.

After a couple of minutes his final turn revealed a side entrance to the hospital. Stepping outside, he searched the car park for any sign of the police. He spotted the familiar blue lights atop a white car, accompanied by a congregation of people in suits milling about. They were still here.

Beginning to jog, Evan wondered where he could find a pizza place that would be open at this time in the afternoon. He checked his watch; half-past twelve, lunchtime. He might be in luck…

The End

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