Pathetic Fallacy

“I’m sorry,” Evan ventured, not knowing quite what he should say.

As Sarah shrugged and turned away from him, he followed her gaze to the window. The sky outside resembled a stormy sea, murky grey waters suspended above the world in a forewarning of the day’s events.

“That’s pathetic fallacy for you,” Evan mused.

Sarah turned back to him, an inquiring expression on her face.

“I’m just saying, you know, given what happened this morning those clouds are in the right place.”

They both laughed, but Sarah’s smiling face turned quickly into a grimace and she clutched her stomach.

“Don’t make me laugh.” She groaned.

Evan smiled and rested his head in his right arm, propping it up on the arm of the chair. Becoming pensive, he realised he’d spent more time in and out of different hospitals and doctor’s offices in the past year than he ever had in his life, though this was his first time in the visitor’s chair for a while. It was an alien concept to sit somewhat relaxed in this setting, without the usual urgency to the atmosphere while he calculated methods of escape.

Snapping out of his thoughtful reverie as his elbow slipped from the chair, he looked again to Sarah.

“Is there anything I can get for you? Are you allowed anything to drink?” He asked, “I didn’t exactly have the chance to stop at a gift shop on my way here.”

The End

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