Sarah's Reflections

Sarah messed with the bed controls so she could sit up slightly. Just slightly though because too much, she discovered, and her stomach hurt. It also gave her time to coordinate her thoughts. Evan seemed nice. But she didn’t know him well. He did get her to surgery though.

“Well the complications started before I got here, hence all the blood.” She looked at him wryly. “Stupid hospital wouldn’t move the date up. So here I am, staying here two days for something that could have been an out patient surgery.” She shrugged and looked out the window.

Ironic that Evan and some guy named Finn had carried her out of the waiting room to surgery. Good thing she hadn’t been awake for that. This kind of friendliness and caring was not something she expected here in the city. Back in her home town sure, but not here, especially not after what happened last month.

Why in the world did the closest government sanctioned school have to be in the city? At this point Sarah almost wished she’d joined the military like her brothers.

The End

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