Is It Clear In There?

When Evan left, Finn waited until he was out of earshot before viciously slapping his forehead and muttering several curses under his breath.

Idiot! See what you've done now? He'll probably tell the police he's got a wanted thief on his hands. Then you'll be dead as a doornail before you can so much as breathe. How stupid are you as to trust him? And I at least thought I had some common sense in this straw-filled head of mine!

Feeling exasperated with his own foolishness, Finn stalked over to the waiting room door and peered through the window, looking to see if it was all clear. The crazy woman appeared to have been knocked out, but there seemed to be something strange going on involving the cop. As if she heard him thinking about her, the officer's head turned towards the window. Finn ducked, praying she hadn't got a decent look at him. Not that he was particularly memorable, just that he didn't want any unwanted attention at this point. A nurse walked through the room from the surgery, saw Finn crouching under the door, gave him a look that clearly told him she thought he was completely insane, and walked off again. He contemplated asking her about Sarah and Evan, but soon thought better of it.

They'd be fine. It was his own neck he had to worry about now.

Peering over the top of the window again, Finn watched events in the waiting room, trying to figure out what was going on.

And waiting for a good moment to make a break for it.

The End

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