"Why am I here?"

Evan relaxed in the seat and emitted a deep chuckle. “Hold the interrogation,” He grinned, scratching his jaw. “I had to check up on you. How could I leave without knowing whether you’d lived to tell the tale of my heroism?”

 “So you’re just here for the sake of your own ego?” Sarah smirked.

 “No.” He leaned in to her slightly, “I had to know how you were, Sarah.”

There was silence as they looked at each other, Evan searching Sarah’s face to analyse her reaction, Sarah perhaps taken aback at his apparent intensity. Evan decided to break the tension with another laugh, though it didn’t sound as confident this time.

 “Besides, I didn’t particularly want to leave through the front doors. The waiting room was still fairly chaotic when I left. I’ve no idea what’s going on in there… It took me a moment to realise I wasn’t the only one bleeding, and that you were in trouble.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes. “Why were you bleeding?”

 “Oh… I ah, I got shot.” Seeing Sarah’s eyes move over his bloody sleeve, Evan added hurriedly, “It’s ok - must have just scraped me or something. I’m alright, honest. It just meant I couldn’t carry you out of the waiting room on my own, so you will have to thank this little guy called Finn if you see him.”

He sat back again and took a moment to breathe in the clinical smell of the room, closing his eyes to the stark, sterile walls.

 “Did you get your surgery then? Or whatever it was you were here for.” Sarah asked.

Opening his eyes, Evan contemplated making something up, but decided it would be better to tell her the truth, or at least most of it. He twisted in the plastic chair and showed her the bruised skin of his shoulder and collarbone.

 “It’s healing, I’ll be fine. I feel like a baby now compared to you, like I was making a fuss out of nothing. Did everything go smoothly?”

Realising his last question may have been a little intrusive, he added “Sorry, you don’t have to tell me.”

The End

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