Sarah, Found

Sarah lay half awake in the recovery room. She wasn’t sure how she scored a private room, or even quite how she’d gotten into surgery from the mess of the waiting room. She wondered how all the other occupants fared; like Evan.

He’d been nice even if she hadn’t been at her best. Turning her head Sarah looked towards the sky. It was all she could see out the ribbon of a window by the ceiling. Sarah was glad for that. She didn’t want to be reminded of where she was.

Two days, the doctor told her she’d have to stay here. There had been complications, he’d said. They’d had to take out more than expected. Sarah would never be able to have children. It wasn’t that she’d just lost her womb, but they’d taken her ovaries too.

A tear rolled down her cheek. She was only twenty. She would learn to live with this fact. Voices outside the door caught her attention. Sarah turned to see Evan, of all people, standing in the doorway.

He turned and faced her after he’d closed the door. “Hey.” He had a charming smile.

That still didn’t stop Sarah from panicking slightly. “Hey, could you leave the door open please.” Jesus Christ, was she ever going to be able to be alone with a guy again.

“Yeah sure,” Evan propped it open before moving around to sit in the one chair.

“Thanks.” Sarah felt a surge of relief, as if a cool breeze had come in from the hall.

“You all right?”

“Yeah,” she turned from the door to Evan and gave him a wry grin. “All things considered.” And I’ll be even better when I can go home and hash all this out with Jason.

“How about you? Did you get what needed done, done? Did they get the reception area straightened out?” Sarah stopped and laughed slightly. “Sorry you didn’t come here to get the third degree.” In fact, she thought, “Why are you here?”

She looked at him quizzically feeling at a disadvantage from her mostly reclined position.

The End

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