Searching for Sarah

Evan contemplated Finn for a few moments before accepting his story. Finn had trusted him with more than he’d wanted to, and he sensed that further interrogation on the matter would be inappropriate.

“OK,” he said slowly, “you’re right, I should have this checked out. Are you going to stay here?”

Finn nodded. “Until I think of something better to do.”

Evan started towards the inner set of double doors, the ones Sarah had been taken through. Before pushing them open he turned back to Finn.

“Good luck,” He said sincerely, and disappeared through the doors.

Once on the other side, Evan inspected the corridor. A few furtive glances assured him that it was empty, and he took the opportunity to pull down his shirt collar again. He uttered a surprised laugh; the swelling had subsided. The bruises that had looked so angry and purple an hour ago now appeared to be a couple of days old, still covering a vast part of the left side of his collarbone, but fading to a murky blue.

“Are you OK, sir?” a woman’s voice startled him.

“Ah, yeah - fine.” He composed himself and looked at the nurse standing before him. “Actually, I was looking for someone, she was rushed through here for surgery perhaps an hour ago. Sarah.”

“Oh, are you related?”

Evan turned on the charm, hoping the sweet smile and soothing tone he injected into his voice would convince the nurse of his sincerity.

“I’m a very close friend. I carried her in,” he adopted a mournful look, “God, I hope she’s OK, she was bleeding a lot…”

“Well, she’s been taken to a private room for recovery. If you follow me I’ll take you to see her.”

Evan was quite pleased with himself - sympathy radiated from the woman. He followed her closely through a few more corridors until she stopped outside a green door. Pushing it open, she gently warned him that Sarah wouldn’t be up to much if she was awake at all, and urged him to be quiet if she wasn’t. Evan stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

The End

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