Try Me

Finn must have been agitated; he jumped a fair distance from the ground. Evan had to restrain himself from chuckling at the slightly cartoon-like moment.

He turned his attention to the woman who had just entered through the double doors. Her slender frame seemed to glide in a strangely authoritative fashion. She carried with her a curious aura, one of mystery and, quite possibly, magic.

She asked for Sarah, and the still twitchy Finn hurriedly told her the way.

“What did she say about complications?” He asked Finn.

“What? Oh, yeah,” Came the absent reply. Finn was still staring after the strange woman.

Evan stared at the little man through narrowed eyes. He could feel the unease almost pulsing out of him in waves.

“OK,” he ventured “I know you’re nervous, but I don’t know why. What’s up?”

Finn smiled, but it was a tight-lipped expression, with a hint of bitterness in his eyes.

“You wouldn’t want to know.”

Evan sighed. “Why don’t you try me? I am not with the police, and I may be able to help you get out of here, if that is what you’re so anxious about.”

The End

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