Restoring Calm

In the waiting room, confusion still hung in the air. Despite the gunshots from the policewoman, no targets were found. Only a plantpot on the reception desk was destroyed, narrowly missing the twin sister behind it. Flix ran forward and restrained the other twin, pulling her back from her punching and kicking the Raven girl.

'It will be okay, just calm down.' The human's strength was no match from Flix's, but still; she was wild.

'Get the hell off of me! Don't you get it? I will kill him, if it's the last thing I do!' She flailed, struggling and scratching.

The square-built man who was hidden beneath the chairs rose and laughed in the girl's face.

'I don't think so, you crazy cow. What could you possibly do to me?' He laughed loudly, grabbing his stomach and banging the top of the chair. Flix was not accustomed to this kind of taunting. Besides, this was all petty; she needed to check on the girl, Sarah. She could be severely injured, perhaps worse by now. Flix considered her options.

'Cadet, take care of this one then continue to Sarah. She will need your elixir; the doctors seem to be struggling. Incapacitate this one.' Her operator sounded firm; even urgent.

Flix hated to do this, but she had no choice.

'I'm sorry madam. Just relax.' She hastily grabbed a small round device from her pocket and held it near the girl's ear, her fiery hair still swinging from her struggles. Flix pressed the button and the girl went limp. She carefully placed her in a chair and turned around. All eyes were on her.

'What the hell was that?' Demanded the policewoman. The girl from behind the reception desk gasped. She ran over to her sister and clasped her face.

'What have you done to her!?' She shouted, eyes welling up.

'Do not be alarmed; temporary paralysis, she is not harmed. It should lift within the hour.' Flix looked up at the policewoman. 'Military technology. Prototype.' She spoke confidently, and it seemed to appease the policewoman, who turned to the Raven girl. 

'Help me restrain her, we'll need to call for back up. You did well there. Kept your cool.' She pulled out some handcuffs from her belt and Raven nodded.

'As for you, wise-guy, you can start by telling us why this lady has a burning desire to blast your head off?'

Seeing the others were now occupied, Flix used all her remaining power to make her body seem elusive; unnoticable to the human eye. She quickly slinked out towards the hall where the two men had carried Sarah. She peeked through the nearest door window and saw both of them stood, together, but tension riddled the air. Without hestiation Flix entered. Time was running out.

'Where is she?' Flix demanded.

The End

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