Finn gave Evan a searching look. There was something not quite right about this guy.

And he didn't like it.

The accent too was odd, Finn couldn't place it. He never had been much good at determining where people's voices came from, only at reading their thoughts.

And this guy was thinking that Finn was not to be trusted. And rightly so.

Thankfully a nurse walked into the room at that point, diverting the men's attention and breaking the tension that had been mounting in the room.

"Do you two need help? I think one of the doctors is free now, would you like to come through?"

Finn nudged Evan, "Better go and get that bullet-wound seen to. And those other injuries too, they look nasty. Go on, I'll wait. It's not like I'm going anywhere with all the carnage going on back in there." Finn gestured to the waiting room with his good hand, laughing slightly as he thought of the ordeal they had just been through.

This was turning out to be an incredibly strange day indeed.

And for Finn, that was saying something.

The End

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