Mmm, yes - now what?

Evan sighed heavily as he slumped against the wall. He watched the slight frame of his companion peer into the waiting room, eyes quickly scrutinising the scene. The small man must have thought better than to return to the room, and Evan trusted his judgement.

With one hand absently supporting his wounded arm, his head turned in the direction that Sarah had been wheeled away. He hoped she’d pull through - no one had died on him yet. No one innocent, anyway. A sense of duty had overcome him and he decided he’d wait it out to make sure the young woman survived, however long it took.

A stifled cry of pain came from the other side of the corridor, and Evan glanced over to see the guy who’d helped him carry Sarah, wincing. He was clutching his wrist, and between the fingers Evan noted a lot of swelling.

“I’m Evan,” he decided some conversation might pass help pass the time, “I’d shake your hand but, you know…”

He’d meant to point out that neither one of them was in the condition to be shaking hands, but the assertive tone in his voice deserted him at the last second, to be  replaced by a no doubt uncomfortable-looking half-smile. He tried again:

“So what happened to you?”

The End

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