Sarah to Surgery

Sarah wavered on the verge of consciousness. Of the things she was sure of; there were two. She was on a hospital bed with IVs attached to her and she wasn’t in the waiting room. Wait, that was backwards.

Sarah struggled up from the darkness. Slowly she became aware of voices. There were two.

“Alright,” said a frustrated male voice. “What do we know?”

“Her name’s Sarah,” answered a smooth woman’s voice. “She was scheduled for surgery here, this morning.”


“She was brought back by two gents from the waiting room. They didn’t know.”

The man sighed, “What time did they bring her back?”

“Ten O five am.”

Sarah groaned as she became aware of the pain in her abdomen again. A hand pressed down on her uterus, causing some relief.

“Hush dear. We’ll have this sorted out soon.”

Sarah’s hands formed fists. She focused all her energy on her vocal cords. “Sarah Smith. Hysterectomy. Ten thirty am.” She blacked out before she could hear their comments.

The End

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