Mission 1362 WH: Interrupted

Name: FLii32x - Or Flix

Species: Sub-Type of Earth Pixie

Appearance: Usually a slender, blue-skinned entity with wings about 5". On human negotiations mission. In human form she has short brown hair, large green eyes, slim, 5"7. Can only keep this form for a limited time as a young recruit of the P.E.H.D (Pixie and Elven Humanitarian Division) with undeveloped power.



This was going to be much harder than anticipated.

Flix hovered above the small window outside the surgery. In her natural form she had no concerns of being spotted. To the abrupt and untrained human eye, she was no more than a quiver in the air.

She knew Dr. Philips was here, she had monitored his movements for the past week. The situation was delicate, and needed to be handled as such. She had observed the quiet waiting room for a few minutes and was about to make her move. She flipped back her sleeve and spoke into a watch-like device on her wrist.

'Currently 10:03am Human Time. About to proceed on infiltration to commence negotiations. Now morphing to human form.'

She pressed a button on the device and floated down to floor level. Her silken wings folded inwards and melted into her skin, which was changing colour from a azure blue to a hazel brown. It rippled as her features changed; her limbs elongated and a blast of dark hair grew from her smooth oval head, spiking in every direction. The only thing that remained the same was her eyes; a shimmering jade green which would seem unnatural if they weren't so hypnotizing. She straightened down her black dress and shivered. It felt rough and suffocating against her light, airy skin.

She walked to the front of the surgery, quickly running the planned procedure through her head when her elf-like ears quivered. A warning. As she clumsily walked (she hadn't in a while) to the front glass door she heard a loud crack. A gun-shot. Her operator's voice trickled into her ear.

'Gun shot. A Browning 9x19mm Hi-Power. No injuries. There seems to be a situation. A high-energy Human specimen seems to be loosing blood. Make sure she is not terminated. New objective, disarm then re-engage with primary target.' 

With a heavy breath Flix pushed through the door. It certainly was chaos. The high-energy force was dripping with red liquid; Human blood. She was being carried away to the back by two young males. The gun-wielder was staring crazily at a mirror-image of herself behind the reception desk. A tall police woman stood in front of Flix holding a powerful machine gun, managing to create more tension than calm. Flix had not been seen, so she crept to the corner of the room and made herself less noticeable. She was about to disable the young woman when a dark haired figure slowly approached from behind and managed to grab the gun and move away safely.

"Come on, what would you need a thing like that for?" Tinkled a familiar voice. Flix's ears tingled again; who was that?

'Raven Small cadet. We've dealt with this one before. It would seem as though her outer facade has been changed. Remember, take care of the high-energy being. Her name is Sarah. This is now your main objective Flii32x. She is our priority.'

Her operator sounded as calm as ever. Flix sighed and made herself more visible, then slinked into the room. The young woman who had held the gun looked fierce. She was staring at the Raven and the rather smug police woman.

For a moment everything was silence. Then a scream perforated the air and a flash of red hair charged at the two women. Guns shots and noise corrupted Flix's ears.

She sighed. Humans.

The End

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