A Somewhat Inelegant Rescue Attempt

Finn rolled his eyes at the tall man and reluctantly picked up the woman's legs.

"Come on you dolt, we need to get help before she dies on us."

Or before that policewoman recognises me. If she sees me, this woman won't be the only one who ends up dead.

And so, with great dignity and very little grace, the two men managed to carry their charge through to the main wardroom, the slight and increasingly bad-tempered Finn in front, his tall and obviously very pained-looking counterpart at the rear.

A nurse was already in the room and she looked up in alarm as the Sarah was carried in. Finn, by now panting and terrified, gave her a desperate look and managed to gasp:

"She needs help... collapsed a few minutes ago... think it's bad... needs surgery..."

Before the words were even out of his mouth, the nurse had wheeled over one of the beds from the side of the wardroom. With sighs and groans of relief, Finn and the other man placed the woman on the bed and watched as the nurse wheeled her off through another set of doors.

Feeling distincly weak at the knees, and his wrist throbbing irritably, Finn said, as much to himself as to the other man:

"Well that worked well didn't it. Think it's safe to go back in there? Or will we get shot do you think?"

The End

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