Evan: Help at last?

“Look at her!” Evan hissed, “I don’t know if she can walk!” Upon looking into the new face, he found himself unable to recognise their unlikely saviour. Had he been there the whole time? He was the only person who seemed interested in helping Sarah, and for that Evan was grateful.

“Well, I don’t see you lifting her up,” the guy snarled.

Evan looked back to Sarah, shaking off the jibe. He contemplated lifting her, knowing she wouldn’t be happy about it.

Deciding that the young woman’s life was more important than her pride, Evan rose shakily to his feet, sliding an arm underneath Sarah’s, and in an ambitious gesture lifted her into his chest.

He faltered, hearing the ominous grinding noises in his shoulder again. Staggering back he leaned against the seats, screwing his face up against the pain.

He tried once more, a valiant effort, but his injuries wouldn’t allow him to carry his charge by himself.

Panting, he looked into the face of the stranger again, narrowed his eyes and admitted defeat.

“Are you going to help me then?” He huffed.

The End

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