A Coward's Help

With a reluctant groan, Finn emerged from the shadows, creeping as quickly and silently as he could over to the stricken woman and the yelling man. He had no idea what was wrong with her, but somehow he knew he had to help.

It was like someone was pulling the strings, and he did what he was told.

Finn darted over and stood beside the woman, keeping low to avoid any unwanted attention. If he could just get her moving he might be able to help her. That is, if she would move at all.

"Hey, look at me would you!" he hissed at the woman, shaking her shoulder gently, trying to get her to respond. "I can get you to the surgery, come on, do something would you!"

What am I doing? This is madness, I'll get myself killed! I need to get out of this madhouse, not help some injured madwoman!

Finn's thoughts were awhirl as he continued to try and persuade the woman to follow him. Christ, was she deaf or something?

Why wouldn't she listen to him?

The End

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