From the Shadows in the Corner...

Name: Finn Terrun

Job: Thief... if that counts as a job.

Height: Just under 5ft 5"

Appearance: Small and slight, dark grey eyes and darkish skin. Tawny-blond hair, cut short to just below his ears.

Face: Angular features and sharp cheekbones, small scar just above left eye.

Uh oh.

I think I'm in trouble now.

I've been here all along, watching the carnage unfold in front of my eyes. I just stayed very still in the corner and didn't move. No-one saw me.

No-one ever does.

The police woman scares me, she looks pretty dangerous and I have a strange feeling she wouldn't hesitate to shoot me if I made any sudden movements.

I would run for it, if only I could. Not only is the policewoman blocking the door, but my wrist won't allow me to do anything that athletic.

Damn and blast electical burglar traps. Damn them to hell.

I press myself further back into the shadows, hoping I'm not seen by anyone.

It would probably be the end of me if I am.

The End

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