Red Mist - Sarah

“What are you doing?” Sarah hissed, when she found herself underneath the nicer of the two guys she’d been sitting with.

“Stay calm, she has a gun.”

“What?” Sarah voice raised a pitch. A gun, she thought, that just makes my day. Sarah tried to wriggle out form under the guy. She did not need any sort of reminder of last month.

“Do you want to get shot?” He asked forcefully.

“I don’t need protecting. Get off!” He got off, but only to shove her under the chairs. Sarah growled in her throat. Why did guys always have a protection complex? Her brothers knew she could protect herself, seeing as she could beat up even the eldest. Well she could, until he’d come back from boot camp.

Another cramp hit Sarah with a wave of pain, and she curled up. She was half tempted to stand up and get shot. That would take care of all the pain. She snorted at herself, as she maneuvered out to sit beside her would be protector. Dieing would only cause more problems; like adding on to her mother’s pain. One of her brother’s had already died in the war.

“Get down,” the man hissed at her.

“No,” she hissed back. “I’m not going to do anything stupid.” Sarah looked at the girl with the gun. Callie she’d heard the receptionist call her. There was grim determination in that girl’s eyes. Someone was getting shot today, and it was likely the guy who was standing up.

Sarah sat back down, back against the chairs. She brought her knees up to her chest as another cramp coursed through her abdomen.  Sarah grimaced. She looked over to see the guy had also sat back down.

“Name’s Sarah,” she whispered, proffering a hand. Might as well be nice, she thought, who knows how long we’ll be stuck here.

She just hoped her pad would hold out, or she’d have bloody jeans before this was over. She cramped again. Sarah banged her head on her knees as if she could transfer the pain. God damn it, she just wanted the surgery so she could get this over with and restart living again!

The End

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