Red Mist

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She stood in the shadows of the reception. The huge rubber-plant positioned in the corner of the room - time to brighten up the days of sick people, she thought sourly - covered her face and figure with long tendrils of shadow.

It seemed to radiate its own energy, or noise. Her eyes glanced out furtively from her shelter, rapidly scanning the room; she imagined that everyone in that room, all the ill people and - she stammered over his name - he,  knew why she was there.

Knew what she was planning. Knew the smooth, cool shape of it against her thigh, tucked into the waistband of her jeans. Knew.

It wasn't her fault. It was his. She couldn't believe the nerve of him, showing up here - the idiocy of it! As though it was a smart idea coming out into the open, after doing what he'd done, where she could find him...

She hoped nothing would go wrong, nobody would interfere - but she couldn't allow him near him anymore...couldn't allow him to do anything else, couldn't allow anything like what had happened last night to happen again.

  She saw a woman sitting near him, curled over her abdomen, fear on her face. A glimmer of uncertainty racked her, before being extinguished with the single thought - as long as she doesn't interfere, nothing need happen to her.

She had to protect him. She had to have her revenge.

  He was glancing down the woman's top, and she was yelling at him for it. Grumpy, he shuffled away from her while she was mentally cheering the unknown woman and calling him all the names under the sun - even now, while he was visiting her husband, who was in here because of him, he was trying it on with some woman...

  The red mist she'd worked for so many years to banish clouded her vision. She stepped out of the shadow, her hand clasped around the hilt of the gun.

  He saw her. Jumped to his feet.

"Oh God..." he whispered. And then another voice, a voice that nearly made her regret what she had to do.

"Callie?"...she turned to see her mirror image, mouth hanging open, with a phone in her hand. Guilt shot through her. It's supposed to be her day off... "Callie, when did they let you out? I thought you were still supposed to be inside!"

  Callie hovered.

How was she supposed to do this with her sister watching?

The End

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