Evan again

I’d picked up a magazine that seemed to be aimed at middle-aged women. I flicked through some pages with barely a glance at the contents, completely uninterested in the fashion pages, or how to lose ten pounds in ten days. I did linger on a page entitled “How to snare him and keep him: Ten things single women need to know about men.” I read with sceptical interest, scoffing at some of the points the article made. It must have been thrown down in a hurry - the author, Bertha Allen, obviously knew nothing of how a man’s mind works. Perhaps I should write in to tell her how we really think.

I stifled a smug chuckle as someone set themselves heavily in a seat close to me. From the corner of my eye I could only make out her long brown braid, as she appeared to be doubled over in pain. I thought about asking if she was OK, but didn’t want to seem nosy.

As my attention returned to the magazine, my hand went absent-mindedly to my shoulder, gingerly massaging the bruised skin.

The girls’ groaning didn’t subside, despite her attempts to hide it, so I set my magazine down on my lap and turned my head towards her.

“You alright?”

I grimaced. That probably hadn’t sounded as compassionate as I’d hoped.

The End

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