Sarah Smith

Name- Sarah Anne Smith
Looks-  average height and build, ample chest, long brown hair, typically braided and dark brown eyes
Personality- tom boy princess, she’ll eat, drink and swear with the best of the boys, only to turn around and look amazingly feminine when she wants to
Author Note- Protagonist of Sarah’s Phoenix, going two years back in time


Sarah strode in, or at least she tried to. She only got halfway to the reception desk before her cramps kicked in. Grimacing she clutched her abdomen and took a deep breath. Why they hadn’t hospitalized her she still didn’t know.

“Hi,” she set her free arm on the counter. The receptionist looked up at her.

“How can I help you?”

“Sarah Smith, I have an appointment.” Sarah grimaced again. What was her body trying to do, give birth? Sarah cut off that train of thought; she wasn’t going to re-live that night again. Instead she watched the receptionist slide her finger down the list.

“Ah yes surgery at 10:30. Please have a seat in the waiting room.”

“Thank you.” Sarah turned around only to nearly double over in pain. She swore under her breath. Standing, she moved to the chairs.

One was already occupied by a blonde guy. Guys, Sarah was sick of them all; still she had to sit near him to get to the magazines. Sarah sat just as her abdomen cramped again. Her face contorted as she tried not to swear again. Damn her brothers and their military habits.

Riffling through the periodicals she wrinkled her nose. There was nothing interesting. If Jay was here she could talk to him. But it was hard enough thinking of him, let alone imagining a conversation with him, outside of the Grove.

Sarah leaned over, arms crossed over her abdomen. She focused her eyes on her tattered sneakers and hoped her name would be called soon. For all she cared right now, they could take it all out.

The End

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