Evan Harper

Name: Eyulf Evan Harper

Looks: 5”10, messy blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin & strong jaw line.

Personality: Shy and self-contained, but friendly and caring. First impressions may present a gruff exterior.

I cleared my throat. “Hullo?”

The receptionists'  friendly tones echoed her previous sentence.

“I’d like an appointment please, as soon as possible.”

She asked me what I thought was wrong with me. I almost retorted with something like, “if I knew that, I’d probably be a doctor,” but I bit my tongue and told her I’d done something to my shoulder.

“Hmm, we’ve had a cancellation this morning, so I can fit you in at ten-thirty, if that’s OK?”

Thanking her, I hung up and made my way to the surgery.                 


I pushed through the surgery doors with my good arm and trudged over to the reception desk.

The receptionist looked up at me from under a curtain of wavy red hair. Her smile was genuine, and extended to the corners of her oval green eyes. She was pretty, maybe not my type, but she could have been a model.

“Can I help you, sir?” She asked.

“Um, Evan Harper. I have an appointment for half-past ten.” My already husky voice was cracking a little from lack of sleep.

A small frown crossed the receptionists’ face as she typed something into her computer. “I’ve got you down here as Eyulf Harper…”

“Yeah, my middle name’s Evan - I prefer that.” I gave her my best cheeky grin.

“Ok, take a seat, please,” and she flashed that pretty smile again.
I chose a seat quite close to the desk, where a table full of last weeks’ magazines might keep me occupied for the duration of my wait. I pulled down the collar of my shirt to investigate the state of my shoulder; it revealed blotchy purple skin, tender to the touch. I hadn’t realised the damage would be so bad - the bruises must have come up in the small hours of the morning. It was pretty painful, but until a few hours ago it wasn’t painful enough to risk having to explain how it became so. I finally gave in after hearing an ominous crunch when I got into the shower.

The End

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