Protagonize Surgery

I loved reading the Protaginize Bus. This is a carry-on story like that. Feel free to add chapters but please regard the rules. The rules are just genral facts.
1) Please don't kill off every character. It's not funny or good to the storyline.
2) your characters can be human, ghost, vampire(nothing too gory please) and any sort of creature. Please note this is not a vets..
3) It is fine to put a little factfile about your character.. Just try to keep the story rolling smoothly.

Name- Hallie Taylor
Job- Receptionist
Looks- red,wavy hair, green eyes, 5'8
 and skinny.
friendly, kind, looking for love, puts out the impression she hates her job but she really loves it.

I sighed. It's not much fun being a receptionist. Being surrounded by the sick eventually makes you also one of the many patients walking through these doors. But the best thing is the bliss of morning coffee.

The phone started ringing, each ring pitch louder than it's previous. I knew who this would be, today was the second week back at school for all the children, this was what we all called "Math Test flu" week. I could be wrong though!I picked up the phone and in a buissness-like voice answered the call.

"Good morning, Protagonize Surgery, How can i help you?" 

The End

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