This is a scene based in a lesson between a teacher and a student. The student hasn't done his homework.

(Teacher) "Matty, have you done your homework?"

(Matty) "Homework?"

"Don't tell me, you've forgotten again?"

"Forgotten what?"

"We're running out of excuses, aren't we?"


"Why are you playing the fool, Matty?"

"The Fool?"

"Why are you being a parrot matty?"

"What's a parrot?"

"You don't know what a parrot is?"

"That's why I asked, what's a parrot?"

"Surely you've watched documentaries?"

"You mean with David Attenborough?"

"You're changing the subject, aren't you?"

"Why would you think that?"

"Where's your homework Matty?"

"Have you got it already?"

"Isn't that a silly question?"

"Do you think so, Miss?"

"Seriously, Matty, homework?"

"Is it in my bag?"

"I don't know, is it in your bag?"

"Should I check my bag?"

"I would do that if I were you, wouldn't you?"

"Where are you homework?"

"Do you think we should leave it, Matty?"


"Can you bring it on thursday?"

"Is that OK?"

"Well, what else can I suggest?"

"Can I apologise, Miss?"

"Shall we just get on with the lesson?"

"Sorry Miss."

The End

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