Protagonize Question Time

Ok, here's the rules.. It's a complete dialogue exercise and you have to talk in questions. You can start off with a bit of setting the scene but as soon as you speak there can only be dialogue. There is leeway though - you can have 2 full sentences without the need for a question.

Scene - In the street, asking for directions, two strangers strike up a conversation.

"Excuse me miss, do you know the way to the post office?"

"Do you know where the pizzeria is sir?"

"Is that the one on the high street?"

"Haven't you been to Antonio's?"

"Is it any good?"

"Do you like great food at even better prices?"

"Do you work for them?"

"Are you questioning my integrity?"

"Look - are you going to tell me where the post office is?"

"Are you going to apologize?"

"Sorry - now where is the post office?"

"Do you know where Antonio's is then?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"I suppose it's not your cup of tea then?"

"Well pizza it's everyone's favorite is it?"

 "How would I know?"

"So the post office is near this pizzeria?"

"Would I mention it if it wasn't?"

"It would be silly if you didn't; right?"

"I'm heading there for work, would you like to walk with me there?"

"So you work there?"

"Are you back to that?"

"Sorry again - So it's close?"

"Well you can cross the road can't you?"

"Can't everyone?"

"So taking a parcel?"

"What time does it close?"

"Today or tomorrow?"

"Would I be asking about tomorrow?"

"Well I suppose you wouldn't be going on a Sunday would you?"

"Do I look like an idiot?"

"Do I look like a waitress?"

"What do you mean?"

"Does everyone look like what they are?"

"Are you implying I'm an idiot?"

"Well you were saying I'm a waitress earlier weren't you?"

"Wasn't I just saying you worked at Antonio's?"

"Ergo - a waitress, so do I look like one?"

"Only if I look like an idiot, right?"

"Can I take the fifth?"

"Are you always this annoying?"

"Are you always an idiot?"

"So you are an annoying waitress?"

"And you're an idiot who goes to the post office when it's closed?"

"Why didn't you tell me before we got here?"

"You weren't enjoying our little conversation?"

"And you weren't wasting my time?"

"Surely it was you who was wasting your time?"

"So you're going to go to work and leave me in the middle of town?"

"Well the what other word would come out my mouth other than goodbye?"

"So you just wanted someone to talk to on your way to work?"

"I'll see you another time?"

*Door to Antonio's Pizza slams behind her*

The End

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