"Mum i'm going out." I called as I opened my front door and slammed it behind me. I then immediately realised that everything around me was different. 

Before me I watched as children danced and played around a children's play park, I saw a water park, and a roller coaster, and a beautiful beach where the horizon hit the water and made it glisten in the distance. A boy fed a snake a mouse over by the slide, and children swung on the swings near a woman pushing one child ever so happily. 

I looked behind me to see that my house was gone, and replaced by a pretty field and a sign. The sign read 'Protagonize Playground, where your thoughts come true.' I blinked and re-read it, turning back around to see two children standing in front of me. 

"I'm Aimee!" one girl said excitedly. 

"Daniel." the little boy smiled playfully, both of their hair bouncing as they giggled. Those two children looked like the type of kids to grow up being good looking, having an amazing career, ending up really successful, getting married and living happily ever after. Like the two perfect children. 

"I'm River." I smiled back, "Uhh, I was just wondering seeing as I read that sign..." I pointed behind me and turned back to them, "Is it true?" they both looked at each other and smiled once more. I'd never seen two children so happy. 

"Yes it is!" Aimee exclaimed. 

"Well...how do I start?" 

The End

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