I swag from monkey bar to monkey bar, like I was a monkey swinging from the trees in the rainforest. 

This was my favorite thing to do when i came to the playground, my grip was so firm on the handles I could dangle from them forever and never get tired.

I swung my legs forward and hooked them through the next monkey bar and let my hands go, I allowed myself to dangle upside down, letting my long blonde curls cover my face.

As I moved hair from my eyes I glimpsed a pair of shining silvery eyes, and a girl of about 6 skipped up towards me.

"Hey" I said, now feeling a bit silly dangling helplessly upside down.

"Hi" the girl said sounding nervous 

I swung my hands forward and grabbed the next monkey bar and unhooked my feet from the previous bar, then I allowed myself to drop back to the ground safely.

"I'm Eleanor" I smiled warmly at her

"My name is Amiee" she returned the smile

"So" i said fiddling nervously with my hair, there seemed to be a sense of awkwardness in the air, making me feel a little embarrassed of fooling around on monkey bars at the age of 8. "How old are you" I asked trying to start a conversation.

"Six" Amiee said then again there was silence 

"Nice I'm Eight" hmm i wonder if i asked her if she wanted to play on the swings she might be more willing to talk to me and we might become friends i thought.

"Do you want to go on the swings with me Amiee?"

"Sure" she said sweetly and she trotted off towards the swings, leaving me to follow after her.


The End

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