No Mercy in Paradise

Antoli and the Basilisk

"Tinnnssssssel," The basilisk hissed from my side. I placed my hand on the side of the basilisk's face. It growled lightly as I stroked it's scales. The others had hurried over to greet another who had entered this world. I looked to the basilisk, it nudged me away from the others and I followed. Still I had a feeling stuck in the back of my mind, something was off something wasn't right.

"Huuuunnnggggrrry," The abnormally large snake spoke. I chuckled imagining a large mouse scurrying around. The mouse suddenly materialized and the snake was all to happy to chase it. It's fangs struck the mouse who fell catatonic, squealing loudly. The snake clamped it's fangs deep into the mouses flesh . It threw it's head and the mouse skyward and swallowed the rodent in one snap of it's jaws. 

"No mercy," I whispered watching the snake devour it's prey. It's golden eyes flicked to me. 

"What is Mersssssscy?" It hissed. 

The End

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