I was swinging on the swing at my school, going higher and higher. Finally I let go and went swinging through the air. I used my powers to cushion my fall. Then I looked around. Something seemed odd. The playground suddenly looked different. I let out a gasp. "Oh my gosh!" I said in surprise. "Is that what I think it is?" A little girl with long curly hair came up to me. "Oh, that's a basilisk. But don't worry. He won't hurt you."

"Huh? Oh, not that! That!" I rushed off toward. Could it be? Yes, it was. It was a slide! I climbed up the stairs and began to slide down. But the end seemed to be coming so fast! I wished it was longer. The slide took a twist.  Soon, I was sliding on and on, faster and faster until I finally tumbled out. "My powers must be stronger here." I told the girl, laughing. Then I covered my mouth. "Uh oh! You're not supposed to know I'm a witch!" I covered my mouth again. The girl laughed. "Don't worry! Oh, and it's not your powers." You can ask for what ever you want."

"Wow." I look around. "Oh, my name is Tinsel."

"Tinsel?" A bit of tinsel floated down. The girl wrapped it around her neck like a boa.

"Cool. My name is Amiee."

"Nice to meet you. Wait, did you say you could wish for anything?" I raise my hands and cotton candy begins to fall from the sky. The other children run toward me. "Who's that?" One boy asks.

The End

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