The Oswaldtwistletonian Gentleman

They all ran towards the glittering waters and the shiny slides. Each footstep bounding against the ground and echoed. I could feel all their movements. I knew it was time to address my guests.

The make-believe playground formed in the imagination of the children was swallowed by a blankness. All that was once present had been taken over by a strange whiteness. Daniel and Tobias looked protective whilst the others were confused. From the nothingness, I made my entrance. Clad in a large black jacket and leather gloves, I knew I was intimidating to those facing me.

"Welcome to the Void." I addressed them.

The six year old child looked up at me but there was something strange about her. She looked older than she was declaring. She frightened me but I continued:

"You have all been selected and more are to come. This is my domain and I rule over your minds. Every single thought process and spark of imagination is censured by me. The time has come for me to rule over the world's imagination. And you, my children, are mere pawns."

They were terrified and the power I felt running through my body was exhilirating. I would have control and not one single person could stop me. I, the Oswaldtwistletonian Gentleman, was back to my former glory.

The End

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