Welcome friends

So we had me, Daniel, Antoli, Tobias and Resella. All fun friends I hoped. "This is apparantly the Protagonize Playground" I sing. "You imagine anything and its there... see" I point at a summoned fountain which gives off chocolate with floating marshmellows in the bottom.

"Wow" Everyone chorus's. I giggle then we all run to it. For a while we eat and stuff our faces until.... I groan just like the others as we clutch our stomachs. "Too much, chocolate"

"Well, what shall we do next?" I ask.

"I don't know" Daniel says.

"Hmm, no idea. I want to ride the snake" Antoli adds.

"There's that" Tobias says pointing at a water park.

"I vote for that" Resella says.

"Charge!" I yell running at the water park the rest trailing after me.

The End

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