I closed my eyes for only a second, and I had appeared in a park.  I didn't know what I had just done, but I was no longer in the safe study of my tree. I looked around for signs of life or anything to tell me where exactly this park was, but found nothing. As I walked closer to the park, I noticed a gathering of people who looked to be quite young, and decided to start over there.

I looked at the park, and noticed that it had looked different somehow. There was now some new attractions, and I wanted to try them all out. But, there was something about the park that gave off a strange feel to it. I clutched my History High Elfs study book and pushed my black hair onto my shoulders. My long pointed ears seemed to stick right out of my hair, and my silverish eyes glistened in the sunlight. I walked up to the crowd, and froze at the sight of the snake. I let out a small shriek and took a step back. 

"Don't be afraid." Said a girl with long, curly hair. "He doesn't bite" She smiled at me, and I looked back at the snake. He didn't look as scary as he had before, and appeared to be smiling at me. Being an elf, I never liked snaked all that much and normally preferred griffons as pets.
Then, the next thing I knew, there was a baby griffon at my feet, rubbing it's face at my cloak. I smiled.

"I'm Daniel." Said the boy with brown hair.

"Amiee!" Said the girl with curly hair. 

"Antoli, is my name." The boy closest to the snake told me. 

"And I'm Tobias. What's your name?" He asked me, and I gave a small grin and blushed.

"I'm Resella. Nice to meet you all, but... Where am I?"

The End

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