The azure sky stretched on for miles, its cloud-saturated body like water expanded across the vast expanse of the universe. I smiled up at it, a faint breeze blowing across the strange plane of land I had just appeared into, as if by magic. To my left, snow capped mountains sloped upwards, gaining altitude as if the seat where Zeus sat were nailed upon the high point of it. They were like a grouping of daggers that were thrust up from the Earth.

On my right, a strange sign that curved over a small playground. The wooden sign bore script upon its flat, cracked surface, and I walked towards it, reading the letters that spelled out: Welcome to the Protagonize Playground. Where all you do is have to think it and it will appear.

My pale skin seemed tanned, almost illuminated in the sunlight, and my black hair had been spiked up at the front. I cupped my hand over my blue eyes, scanning the horribly lame park that contained three people.

I weighed my options for a while, and then I saw two young children, a boy and a girl, running around and having fun with another boy older than them, and some other thing I couldn't define from here. They had to be about 7, the two young ones, but I couldn't tell if the boywas older than me from here. Which meant that I was about 6 years older than the two kids, and x years older/younger than the other boy, the one with the green eyes. No matter. I would introduce myself nontheless. I stepped under the sign, into the crappy playground. But the minute I thought how crappy it was, it no longer was crappy. There, sitting upon a bed of soft, grainy sand was the most amazing park I had ever seen.

The feature of the beautifully created park place shot upwards, raking the sky with its childish talons. A metallic rocket ship had been built there, stretching up so very high. It was hollow, and the two kids were climbing the outside, scaling the metal siding. The girl fell off, and before she hit the ground, a fluffy matress winked into existance in a flash of white light and caught her flailing body. She giggled as if she'd known that was what was going to happen, and she and her friend ran over to me. The boy was with them, much older than I. They were accompanied by a giant snake, and my heart skipped a beat.

I immediately began to think about something, trying to test out the words that the sign had shown. My mind drifted, and the picture of a beach floated into my mind. Suddenly, gold dust appeared in the air, and it clumped together. The dust flew forward, surrounding the far border of the park. The lush green grass was now flaked with golden sparkles-- until it turned into warm sand. Water now crashed upon the warm, welcoming seashore, the waves glittering gold in the seemingly everlasting sunlight.

The three kids ignored the polished black swings that looked like they could fly you to another dimension, they ignored the metal piano on the ground that lit up when you stepped on it and played the notes, they even ignored the steel dragon that flapped its silvery wings when you walked past it.

They had ignored the wonders of the playground that now surrounded them, and they stopped in front of me. The snake hissed at me as I stared into its gleaming, strange eyes. They all seemed so happy. "Hi," I said lamely. "My name is Tobias."

The End

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