Paradise and a Snake



I had only stepped through a door. Now I found myself  in some child's fantasy. Deeply green grass wavered in a comforting warm breeze. The sun was sparkling like a freshly polished jewel. Birds chirped happily as they nested in not too distant trees. I looked around and saw reflection in a pool of water. I was 18 years old and still had my emerald eyes, that seemed oddly cold with my buzzed black hair. I stared for a moment. This seemed almost off. 

"Where am I?" 

"Oh goody, someone new!" I spun instantly around.  Sitting on one of the playgrounds swing-sets was a young little girl accompanied by a brown haired child. They were young, no older than 6 or 7, but her eyes, they held knowledge of someone many times older. She  giggled, her long curly swinging back and forth. 

"Who are you," I asked suspiciously. The girl clapped her hands together as they boy looked onward. 

"I'm Aimee and you?" She asked, a hint of curiosity flashing upon her youthful features. I looked around, cautious of any tricks. 

"Antoli," I started "Antoli Romanovich." She seemed to ponder the name, a grin appearing on her face. The boy smiled up at me.

"I'm Daniel." He grinned.   

"Welcome to the Protagonize Playground. Where all you do is have to think it and it will appear." The girl spoke as if reading a book. 

"That's ridiculous," I turned to walk away "So if I thought about a Basilisk it would-" before I could finish the sentence, gold dust began to accumulate in mid air. It was shaping and melding itself into a long serpentine  shape. Finally the dust faded and to my surprise it it's place rose a giant snake. It's golden eyes locked upon me. I just stood dumbstruck as Aimee and Daniel walked next to me. 

"Well...Say hello to him," she said teasingly. I slowly and shakily raised my hand. 

"Hello," my voice wavered. The basilisk opened it's jaws as it hissed loudly, allowing me to barley make out the hidden hello. I smiled slightly. 

"I think he likes you," Daniel chirped walking back over to the swing and sitting comfortably, the girl followed. I looked to both of them.

"Where am I?" I asked again. 

The End

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