I reach up to the crown of my head and ruffle my soft, short brown hair.
It's been so long since I had it as short as this. 
In the body of a child, I feel so free, and careless. 
How did I arrive in this strange place?
I turn my head, searching for answers, and a small white sign catches my eye.
I bound over to it, and quickly scan its message.

Satisfied, I skip over to the climbing frame, and I notice another child, with long curly hair, sitting alone on a bench, drinking a large beaker of juice.
I sprint towards them, and before I have stopped completely, reach out my tiny hand, pull a giant grin on my face, and exclaim in the chirpiest voice my seven year old throat can manage:
"HEY THERE! My name's Daniel! What's yours?!" 

The End

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