Protagonize Playground

Hello, all protagonists. Welcome to the Protagonize Playground. Here you can play and invent. Basically do what you want.
Its not restricted to the childrens play ground.


I swing back and forth on the swing giggling happily. Who says a 1400 year old vampire can't enjoy a kids playpark. Although I don't know where I am. I stop and get to my feet skipping along my curls bobbing down to my waist.

My six year old body is light and I can't help but twirl in a circle before a sigh appears before me. I tilt my head. That wasn't there before. I begin to read.

Welcome to the Protagonize Playground. Where all you do is have to think it and it will appear.

My eyes widen and a grin spreads across my face. I look around for other people and come up disapointed. Then suddenly a door appears I stare at it before stepping forward to open it. It won't open and I find myself pouting.

I turn and skip off but as I do I hear the door open behind me. I spin round to find the door open and look into a black abyss.

I find myself slumping back onto a swinging garden seat and smile waiting. I mean, I can wait forever if it means I'll get to have some friends.... finally. I giggle and put the straw, of the drink now in my hands, to my lips.

The End

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