What Should Have Really Happened in Titanic...Mature

Well, I was in a predicament.

The water was beyond freezing, the boat was gone and all the lifeboats were very far away, also I didn't swim well either, it was only the life-jacket that was keeping me up. How did I get myself into this mess? I could have quite easily got in a life-boat earlier, if only I'd been on top deck when the thing started sinking. But no, "5 more minutes!" I had groaned to my friend when she'd tried to wake me up. 5 minutes more sleep now didn't seem worth it, the numbness had started spreading to my abdomen, not a good sign.

"Still, I wouldn't have got on a boat anyway, the 1st classes all got on them."

I hated the 1st class, with their top hats and their compulsive mannerisms, the way they look at third class people with eagle eyes and paint us with the same graceful dancing brush. Part of me was glad I was close to leaving this world that only posh gentlemen and ebulient ladies could rule. I stopped moving so much, feeling too tired to do so and looked across the sea of thrashing bodies. White Star Line had seriously screwed up this time. In the distance I saw a door, with a girl on it and a young man who helped her on. I watched the young man try to join her but it nearly tipped and he nodded acceptingly before moving to the front of the door to face her. He could easily get on if someone else held the door for him.

It was at that moment I decided to do one final good deed before the water drained all of my energy. So despite my numb body, I swam through the ocean of quietening bodies trying to ignore their blueness, trying not to think how blue I was in return. And after agonizing seconds I finally made it to the door, the young man had started shivering and was whispering to the girl, sweet 'I love yous and farewells' I imagine. I too was shaking with the cold, my body's final attempt to keep my alive, but I knew it was far too late. "I'll hold the door, while you get on" I managed to croak through my shivers. The man looked at me suspiciously, but the girl looked grateful. "Don't worry. I'm not going to steal it or anything." So I did my final good deed, and held the door while the freezing young man got on next to the girl. And I felt some sort of weird relief as the sight of them together with a chance of survival made me happy.

"Jack." Jack held out a hand for me to shake and I laughed at his timing.

"Frederick. Original place to meet don't you think?" I saw the girl, she looked exhausted with the cold. So was I. With my last ounce of strength I managed to utter "The life-boats are coming back soon." And I heard Jack say "I know. Thankyou for saving us..." Before my energy drained and darkness overcame me.

The End

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