Ashton's condition

 Ashton slowly got up from her seizure.  She was old enough to be ashamed so she grunted and slowly went back to her coloring. But Ashton wasn't just ashamed she was angry but she didn,t know why she was angry. She didn,t know that she was angry at herself, angry about being so vulnerable again. Ashton started coloring hard and fast on that paper. She bashed her markers flat.  Ashton's father Mark winced as he watched  Cade ,Maria and lily just stare at her. Then they watched Mark. But all he did was move them aside.

" Honey, why don't we go and put some pennies in that fountain over there" Maria said as she dragged Lily with her.

Lily watched in horror as Ashton shredded her paper and tossed it around. Lily had never done anything like that but she had seen her brothers get angry like that but she couldn't girl weren't suppose to, even though her mommy did.

Mark cleared his throat and captured Cades attention.

" She has over a hundred seizures a day. She barely functions. I hate seeing her like this, so angry at everyone and everything because she can't just be like everyone else." Mark's voice wavered

Cade just nodded. He didn,t know what to say. Perhaps there was nothing to say.

" We are taking her to sick kids, looking into getting that part of her brain removed. I know, I know it sounds drastic and dangerous but the doctors have assured us that the procedure is completely safe. But...But...there going to have to take the speech part of her brain too. She's going to have to relearn to speak and have speech problems all of her life. But it will be worth it right?"

The End

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