The Bus

Konrad could feel something. There was a thing in the back of his mind, a power that wasn’t natural. It had been there for a while, he realised, but it was getting closer, a feeling of ice. He didn’t know what it was, but he didn’t like it. He recognised part of the presence, Basilic, but it shifted, becoming another presence completely, and then it became a mix, half Basilic, half… Vampire…

 That disturbed Konrad. Nothing should be a mix of both species. It wasn’t natural. Not to mention snake blood didn’t do him any good, and he really couldn’t see another vampire being immune to the poisons that almost killed him. He walked to the edge of the roof and jumped, out over the road, and changed. He became a hawk and flew high, following the Link to Basilic and the bus that carried him ever closer.

 It was red, a speck of blood in a long, twisting artery, travelling through the body to the heart: where he was. He tried to smile, it wasn’t easy with a beak, but he tried. He travelled beyond the bus and still hadn’t reached the Power. It was nagging him. He then sensed two figures on the road below him, along with the Power he was in search of. Descending, he turned into a huge black wolf, eyes rubies, when he was five metres off the ground. Then he approached the figures quickly, transforming into his human shape. He finally recognised the vampire presence. Jesse, another rogue. He snarled as he approached, and punched the Rogue hard in the stomach. He had joined the bus. For a short time, at least.

The End

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