A time for reflection...

A thousand tiny beads of sweat formed. Slowly one by one they fell like rain from Roxy’s forehead. Roxy quickly brushed them off and looked up at the Apple tree. She pulled off a leaf and traced the veins with her finger. She laid underneath the apple tree and looked up at the leaves blowing in the wind. Roxy closed her eyes and balanced the leaf on her forehead and nose.


He was right…Jet was right. Roxy had always thought was someone who breathed in life. Someone who dared. But she wasn’t. She was what she hated. Roxy was spineless. She’d been running since she had that first vision…


Roxy blew the leaf of her face and slowly stood up. She looked up at the apples in the tree ofcourse none of them were with in easy reach. Roxy took in a breath and slipped off her flip flops. Her feet slid off of the tree trunk as she tried to climb it. Roxy sighed and took a couple steps backwards then ran and took a leap towards the tree and then crashed into the tree. Roxy rubbed her forehead and muttered insults at the tree.


She started pacing back and forth. That’s when she noticed the ladder…


Roxy didn’t waste anytime she ran towards the ladder and then stumbled her way back with it. Roxy set it down and tried to find some flat ground. Roxy finally gave in and just set it anywhere. She slowly climbed the rickety ladder.


Roxy enjoyed sticking her head between the branches and having the leaves tickle her face. She didn’t even take the apple of the branch she ate it straight from the tree.


“ God this is sour!” Roxy shouted


She ate it anyway. She got tired of craning her head to eat, so she finally pulled the apple of the branch. Roxy jumped of the ladder and walked backwards watching the tree. As she walked she ate small bites. She was fascinated by the wind. She watched as this invisible force rocked the branches back and forth.


He was right. She had always none what she was…different. People were made of cells, skin and bones. Roxy didn’t know what she was made out of but it was different. She was like a lightning rod or an antenna. She could receive and send out electricity in the form of visions. But who was sending these visions to her? Did god have a greater purpose for her or was she just being arrogant?

 Roxy finished the last of her apple and tossed it to the ground.

 “ Compost” She muttered

 Roxy slowly started walking backwards to the airport. She would stop being a whiner and just get the key from Cade. Then Israel, here we come!

The End

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