Underworld in my head?

Jet’s back. That shape shifter settled down on an air vent and went to sleep. Konrad looked kinda pissed off, but I was busy exploring this block thing that the demon had put on me. Every time either part of me reached out towards the blockade, I felt a hideous shock and the glistening darkness of the block scared me. It was clearly evil... but it was being put to use in a good way... I was, needless to say, not only scared but confused too. I turn to the coldness in the back of my mind. It was the power that emanated from the block.

I reach out to it, curious. It sweeps over me, drowning me in the hell it belongs to. I shudder and fall to my knees, the searing pain registering, distorted and twisted through the coldness. I open my eyes and see the chill dark before me. I know what I see is not the reality my physical body remains in, but what this is, I don’t know. I recognise vague shapes around me, the shapes of Konrad and the demon, closing in.

‘Alex?’ the voice is faint, but the commanding tone resonates. I look up blindly into the smothering gloom, searching for the one that spoke. ‘You should have left the block alone. Untouched it can’t harm you, but if you provoke it, it will devour your soul. You will become an empty shell, home only to the beast. Follow me.’ The voice said. Follow it? How can I follow a disembodied voice? A pinprick of light stabs at my eyes. I hiss, shielding my face from the growing glare. ‘Are you listening to me Alex?’ the voice says. ‘Follow me.’ The light moves, slicing through the dark. It seems to be connected to the voice. It senses I’m not following, either unable or not comprehending. The light morphs and extends what appears to be a glaring hand. I try to take it, but it’s out of reach.

‘Come on, Alex!’ the voice’s tone spiking with irritation. I flail and grab at the stretching hand. The darkness clutches at me, reluctant to let go. Gripped by a sudden determination and fear, I lunge at the hand and manage to hold on to it. Being pulled out of this clammy fog is like being pulled out of a bog – slow and hard work. I blink and look up. At first I can’t tell the difference between my brush with the underworld and the night sky of the human world, but stars wink into view and Konrad looks into my eyes. I inhale shakily.

‘What... was that?’ I ask, putting a hand to my chest. Jet’s glamour frowns at me and shakes its head.

‘I should have warned you. It’s just a binding power from my world. It’s controlled and if it’s left untouched it won’t harm you. But what just happened to you... well essentially you saw into the underworld... my world. Human souls don’t last long there. Usually some demon will come along and capture the soul. You were lucky you were on my turf, eh?’ Jet explained. ‘No demons in the immediate area to get your soul.’ He pats me on the back and wanders off out of sight. Konrad looks concerned, though he isn’t looking at me anymore. I wonder what’s got him concerned.

The End

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