What now?!

"Night comes..."

Lilly pointed at the clear glass domed ceiling to the sky above which was slowly darkening. Maria took her hand and led her to the same waiting-room chairs it had all started in. At a glance she could see that the silver cylinder was still looming there.

"What now?!" Cade snapped at Maria as he sat across the floor from them. All she replied was by glaring at him.

"Well, evidently we can't go our separate ways now," Maria curtly said after a minute or so, raising her eyebrows at the 'Departure' board, "My flight already left half an hour ago anyway." It had taken them that long to get Lilly back from the confused hands of the staff at this no-brained airport. Though it hadn't actually taken long to falsely 'prove' that they were Lilly's real parents-and, of course, the child had easily been persuaded to lie against her drunken mother.

"Why did you even do that, though?" Cade questioned Maria.

"What? Lie to airport security? It was for the best-it was all for Lilly." Maria looked down at the child, who had inserted her thumb into her mouth, snuggled up against Maria's large, warm body and was starting to doze off. Maria gently stroked Lilly's soft blonde curls with the arm that was not being leant on by the little girl.

"Now, dear..." There was a pause as Lilly opened her round grey eyes and gazed at Maria, "Now, dear, it's not time for sleeping. Tell us; tell 'Mummy' and 'Daddy'-" (Cade rolled his eyes) "-what we should do now. Tell us, Lilly: What do you want to do?"

The End

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