Back to the roof.

I sigh. I still don’t know what the vision really means, but it must have something to do with the weirdness going on around here. It’s like the underworld has a lock and key – the one she mentioned – and someone broke the lock on the underworld? I shake my head. That’s a ridiculous concept. Roxy mutters something about her father and I look at her pitiful form on the ground.

‘Your father?’ I ask. She just shakes and sobs. I pull her to her feet. ‘I thought you were at the airport to catch a plane, Roxy. Why did you run away from it?’ I don’t bother pushing for an answer, her thoughts too scrambled and confused to be of any use. I sigh and begin to walk away, back to the airport. I don’t know if Roxy follows me, I’m too deep in my own thoughts.

I find myself back at the airport, heading for the roof. I hear Konrad talking to the human. I wonder what’s going on up there.

The End

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