The darkest evil I know of

Roxy finally got tired of his antics. She twisted off the silver thingys and rolled her eyes. She sat on the ground by a nearby plant. She distractedly started prunning the browning leaves.

Jet quickly squated right down and moved right in her face. He grabbed on to her arms and held them together.

He gritted his teeth " You will show me everything"

" Fine. If I never have to see your face again. I can see many things. None of them relevant. "

Roxy looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes. When she opened them ,Jet almost gasped. He had seen many things but nothing like this. Roxy eyes slowly turned into a dark shade of purple and then burst into spirals of lavendar. Jet slowly backed up as things started going his way...short of.

" Something's coming...the darkest evil I know of..."

Suddenly Roxy screamed and knocked her head of the planter as her body sank into a seizure. She twisted and turned as she was electrocuted with visons each more darker than the last.

Slowly she was freed from the bombardment. She shakily got up and started running. She didn't know where she was going but she needed to get some air. Just the simple act of breathing became difficult to do. Roxy had always wished for this but not like this...

Roxy pushed her way out of the airport and kept running. She knew Jet was hot on her heels but the force of the inivitable was much more frightening.

When she finally was out or air she collasped on the side of the road and sat down with knees bent and her head buried between them.

" What was that about?" Jet fumed

Roxy exhaled and tried to speak " My...father...My...father...."

The End

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