Roxy was way past anonyed at his montrous routine. It was the same thing everytime. It seemed like second nature for him to just push or force others actions. It reminded her so much of the father she had never known. He never could take no for an answer...

Roxy instintictively looked at her hands to see if they were burnt like her mothers. They weren't. She felt a different sort of burn almost like freezer burn.

She looked at Jet bored and then looked around the airport. At this point she didn't really care what Jet saw. He probably saw her entire life unfold like a peacocks wing but he wouldn't see the beauty and complexity of her mortal life. Roxy wasn't worried about disgust. Jet would feel nothing and show that he felt nothing. Roxy almost felt sorry for him. To be so hollow...

Everyone seemed to look past them and his anonying silver routine. Roxy didn't even know why he bothered. She wasn't like the other ones...They weren't born out of energy like she was. But she was past fighting with him. Jet could take what he wanted from her....It's not like he would know what to do with it especially when Roxy herself had no clue.

The End

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