You don't own me

Roxy grits her teeth. She didn't like not having control of the situation. She was tired of him always having the upper hand. Roxy stared him down. She was shocked by the brief drop of his glamour but then again she'd seen worse on a bad acid trip.

" It's only my don't own me." Roxy spat

He must of realized making her feel caged in and defensive would get him no where because Jet backed up slightly. Slightly. He continued to stare at her with such hard intensity as if he was trying to see through her brown eyes.

Roxy was unnerved by it. So she looked away at his arm. It was a strong arm perfect for providing protection but it had been under used...

" I can't see what your thinking!" Jet fumed

Roxy shook her head " I'd think you'd be use to it by now. You think you know all the answers but you always seem to forget when it comes down to people they aren't always so easy to figure out'

Jet took her face and gently pulled her face towards his. Roxy forced her face to be numb.

He said " This isn't about us..."

" No it's not about us...I don't trust you plain and simple. You've given me no reason to. "

Jet cursed and backed up. He fumed and looked around. He didn't seem to be use to some one fighting with him so quietly and so certain. He didn't know what to do or say next. Jet couldn't force her. He could try but Roxy knew it would all end fruitlessly.

Roxy just couldn't let anyone get a hold of the hell key and lock. They wouldn't know what to do with them...Not that she did either. But...someone had chose her to find them. That had to mean something.

The End

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