Revenge? I'll show you revenge, just you wait.

I had tried talking to Roxy nicely, you have to admit at least that much. As for what I did to her next? Hmm. I turned back around, hearing her surface thoughts like she was shouting them at me.

‘Revenge?’ I asked. She met my gaze, though I know that must have been hard, the state I was in. However she looked at me, I could still smell her fear. ‘Well now you mention it...’ I smiled and walked towards her. I towered over her as I smirked and I had to look down into her eyes. I paced around her so that I was behind her and I felt her fear spiking through with such intoxicating strength. Though I know she would never admit to that; she’s far too proud, too defiant.

And so now that I’m in a bad mood, I feel the urge to break her. I pushed her outside, my outward appearance and manner friendly, but on the inside there was sheer fury. I think I must have forgotten for a few seconds just what I am, back there. Walking away? Asking nicely? Pfft. I must be going a bit mental after my brief incarceration. I pull her to an area where no one could see much unless they stood right next to us.

Outside, I stand tall and my glamour is falling apart quicker than before. The power around us is stronger outside. Eventually I let it fall and I hear Roxy gasp. Inwardly I smile to myself, but she can’t see, owing to my lack of any real face. I shape myself into a vaguely human form and lope towards her.

‘Shocked, Roxy?’ I ask. I don’t wait for an answer. ‘Something happened while I was away. What did you see?’ I pause, letting her take in what I said. ‘Something is wrong, and I know you saw something. You wouldn’t have noticed it, but I took a piece of your soul.’ I feel her reeling at the idea. I put what could be seen as a hand on her shoulder and though she flinched and tried to shake me off, I didn’t loosen my grip on her. ‘That kind of act creates a bond between us. Before I went back to the waiting area I was hit with some weird flashing image. It made no sense to me, and I didn’t get the whole thing. But you... you did. What did you see, Roxy?’ I repeat my question, slowly circling her again, my “hand” never leaving her shoulder. ‘Remember, I’ll know if you’re lying,’ I tell her menacingly, the laughter evident in my voice.


The End

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