It's raining men...

Roxy straightened the sunglasses tree and sighed. She looked at the cashier's name tag and said. " Well it's been fun...Darryl but I've got to go"

" Wait! " Darryl called after her " What's your name?"

" Boris!" Roxy called back

" Boris" He laughed " Boris will you be around the airport for awhile ?"

Roxy shook her head and yelled back " Hopefully not"

Roxy shook her head again to herself. Ofcourse not that she had sworn off men they were coming out of the woodwork.

She walked outside and inhaled the air. It smelled like gasoline and filth. Roxy was tired of these smells and tired of being here. She just wanted to get out of here. Go anywhere there was silence and possiblely fresh air.

Then she heard a familar voice...too familar...What was Jet doing here?

" Look, I just wanted to know if you had any visions lately? Blah blah I'm a dick head blah blah"  Was all Roxy heard

Ofcourse he wanted to know if she had any visions. He would use them for his own selfish purposes.

" Get away from me! Your a total dick!" Roxy screeched

God she sounded like such a girl. Roxy waited for him to go and then she winced at it all. She wouldn't chase after him. He had made his point loud and clear. There was no place in his life for her. He only wanted was revenge...

But what did she want?

Roxy sighed again. She looked at her watch she had thirty minutes plenty of time to get lost.

The End

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