Want a smoke?

I decide to leave the vampires and the shifter to their quarrel. Alex no longer needs me, and if he does, he can still find me. I missed my flight long ago. Unless of course, it’s still delayed. I jump off the roof, landing in a crouch on the concrete below. Struggling to hold my glamour together, I wander into the waiting area. I have no money, but I feel drawn to a shop with a wall of cigarettes, regardless. I look around me and see an unattended bag.

Smiling, I sit nonchalantly in the seat next to it, and looking around, I edge my hand towards it, acting as though it’s mine. Seeing no one walking my way, I grab it, and look through it as though looking for a mobile or something. Luck, for once, is with me. In the front pocket of the hand luggage back pack, is a wallet. I pull it out and flick through the contents. I sit there a moment after pocketing the wallet, with the bag on my lap, before rising and throwing the bag down on the chair I found it on. Now I have money, I can go buy cigarettes, and indulge myself for the first time in what feels like forever. Though it must have only been a day or so after I was taken back, because not much has changed...

I reach the front of the queue and not looking the clerk in the eye, I ask for cigarettes.

‘Pall mall.’ I mutter.


‘Cheapskates, why not twenty, eh?’ I say with a vague smile, before nodding. I hand over the money owed and begin to walk off, when I see Roxy. Roxy... the one with visions, I remember. I turn back, lingering and she notices me staring at her.  Her eyebrow goes up and I shake myself a little, before striding over to her.

‘Roxy.’ I just say her name. I try to smile, but I feel the glamour cracking as I stretch my lips, so I stop. She looks a bit on the shocked side. Very much on the shocked side, actually. I guess the lines across my skin are bigger and thicker than before, then.

‘Jet... what are you doing here?’ she asks, regaining herself. I shrug and put out a hand to grasp her upper arm, but she throws me off.

‘Look, I’m sorry Roxy, I am, but I really need to talk to you.’ I tell her, trying to persuade her to help me.

‘No. You’re a dick. Go sliming back to where ever it is you came from, creep.’ She spits the words out at me, full of hurt and hate. It feeds me, and the glamour pulls together again, just a little.

‘Want a smoke?’ I ask, indicating we go outside. She looks at me in a “do-you-really-think-that’s-gonna-work?” kind of way and I sigh. ‘Fine, okay. I just need to know if you’ve had any visions recently. That’s all I wanted to ask, just thought you might wanna talk about that without the interested audience of randomers.’ I growl and begin to walk away, pissed off.

The End

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