An interesting conversaion

Roxy needed a smoke badly. It had been a long time since her last smoke...wait no it hadn't...She smoked with Jet. He was the reason she started smoking again. Roxy cleared her mind of him. He probably wasn,t thinking of her not even in passing thought. So she certainly wouldn't waste brain waves on him.

Roxy impatiently waited in the convience store line up. She eyed the implusive items on the counter and then the chocolate bars.

Then she looked up at the ceiling and saw well a ceiling...Then she looked straight ahead and let her mind wonder.

" Why would I want to go to hell?" She said out loud

The overweight man infront of her turned around and looked at her strangely. Roxy already felt crazy so she wasn,t afraid of that assumption.

She muttered " What's in hell?"

The man looked at her like she was simple. He said slowly " Umm...the devil..."

Roxy looked at him anonyed and rolled her eyes.

" Yeah, but why would I want to see the devil?"

The man turned around and then paid for his purchases. Roxy peered over his shoulder and watched the cashier bag five hundred paperback novels and a tin of mints.

After the transcation was complete the man turned around and smiled nervously at her.

" Well good luck with summoning the devil"

Roxy fumed " I'm not summoning the devil!"

Roxy banged her head against the lottery counter. Then looked at the bearded cashier pathetically.

" Players light or distinct whatever their calling themselves these days"

The cashier slid the pack underneath her palm. Roxy fumbled through her pockets and slid the bills towards the cash register.

She folded her hands underneath her head and peered up at the cashier. The cashier looked as freaky as she felt. He had a long beard in a pony tail and more holes than skin in his face.

" Have you ever been to hell?"

" No...But I here it's warm" He joked

Roxy rolled her eyes and sighed.

" Honestly! I need some good adivce...Why would I be in  hell? Why would I go to hell by choice?"

" Are you writing a novel or something?"

" Yeah or somethng" Roxy muttered

" Excuse me miss but their is a line forming..." An elderly woman gently poked at her arm

Roxy moved to the side and then saw the counter was open. She walked to stand by the cashier. He eyed her up and then went back to bagging the woman's peanuts.

" might be sending or taking someone out of hell. Do you know anyone in hell?" He asked

Roxy absently started trying on sunglasses and shook her head. Wait she did...Jet was still in hell...wasn't he. Roxy nearly banged her head on the counter again. She set the sunglasses back on the sunglass tree. And then thought seriously about banging her head on the counter. Ofcourse she wasn't done with him. Fate couldn't just let her go back to her life or go one with her life.

The End

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